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Log in to Whatsapp Online

Whatsapp login online is the need of the hour because everyone at some point may need to login to their account online using the desktop if they forget their mobile at home. Before few years it is possible to login to your account from the desktop because of the less privileges provided by the Whatsapp team. There was no website provided by Whatsapp to login into your account online. Finally after many days due to increasing user requests they decided to release a web version on web.whatsapp.com site. Once launched there were overwhelming response from the users. You are also here to learn about the ways to login to the whatsapp account.

Tips to login Whatsapp

Before you try to login to the whatsapp online you should be aware of the thing that you need your smartphone ( where you have your whatsapp installed ) to be connected to the internet so that your web whatsapp also works along with it.unlike the telegram desktop app which doesn’t need your mobile phone to be connected to the internet. So make sure you have an internet connection for both the devices.

Whatsapp – A little Intro

Whatsapp is just like a short message service that works only on the internet and don’t need service from any mobile operators so that they can’t charge you for the messages you send. Also they can’t read or track the messages that you send over the internet through the app because Whatsapp messages are completely encrypted and can’t be easily read by a third party. Not only by third party even the Whatsapp can’t decrypt your messages to read it. Without even promotion Whatsapp usage spread like a wildfire and now most of the people are using it without any hassle.Ultimately there are no ads in the app and that is what gives the best experience to whatsapp.


Whatsapp login online

After the emergence of whatsapp people almost stopped using the default messenger app because whatsapp is free and doesn’t even cost a penny and also very efficient in terms of speed, robustness and purpose. In default messaging system it is very difficult to send media files to other person but in whatsapp it’s very simple and easy to use. Whatsapp can work both in data and also in Wi-Fi mode.

Ways to Online Whatsapp Login

If you need to open Whatsapp in the desktop then you need to follow certain procedures inorder to login whatsapp in desktop. Follow the below steps to login whatsapp messenger.

  1. Go to web.whatsapp.com
  2. There will be QR code in the website. 
  3. Now open whatsapp and go to menu on the top right corner.
  4. Click Whatsapp Web.
  5. Now the open will be opened and scanning.
  6. Scan the QR code that is shown in the web.whatsapp.com 
  7. Now you are logged in to the Whatsapp website.

After logging into the whatsapp web, you can now see all the chats that you were doing in the mobile whatsapp. You can continue using the whatsapp from here. But don’t turn off the Wi-Fi or the mobile data in your mobile phone. If you turn off the data it won’t work. So make sure to have an active internet connection on both devices.

If you don’t have the whatsapp already in your mobile we have explained the ways to install whatsapp in three different ways.

  1. Whatsapp login with android
  2. Whatsapp Sign in with iOS
  3. Whatsapp in desktop using bluestack

Whatsapp Login With Android

If you are here then probably you might already be using Whatsapp in an android phone. So you may not need these procedures. But if you still need it then you can ready below.

#1 Go to Google Play store and search for Whatsapp

#2 Download and install the whatsapp app. 

#3 Now open the app and it will ask you to create a whatsapp account

#4 Use a phone number where you can receive an OTP. Because you need that OTP to successfully register the account.

#5 After opening the account, the people in your contacts who have whatsapp will be available to text at once. 

#6 Happy Whatsapping..!!

Whatsapp Sign in with iPhone

The same steps has to be followed in the iPhone too. Instead of Playstore you need to go to App store and install the whatsapp.

#1 Install Whatsapp from App Store.

#2 Now open the app and create an account.

#3 Use your phone number to create an account.

#4 Enjoy Whatsapp.

Whatsapp PC login with bluestacks

LIke Manymo emulator, bluestacks is one of the best emulators that can be used to emulate apps on the desktop. If you want to use whatsapp on the desktop then you can do it in two ways. Either you can download the whatsapp for desktop or you can use an emulator to work like a phone in desktop. To download the desktop version follow the link here. If you want to work with the bluestacks then follow the below steps.

  1. Download bluestacks. Use official site to download bluestacks because there are many fake sites available.
  2. After downloading, install and open the bluestacks.
  3. Go to playstore and install Whatsapp.
  4. Next steps are just as same as you install the whatsapp in desktop.
  5. Enjoy whatsapp.

If you want to use a temporary phone number to create a whatsapp account then read the post here.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here.

1. How do I log into my WhatsApp account?

Answer: There are two ways to login to your Whatsapp account. You can login to your whatsapp either through your phone or through laptop from web.whatsapp.com

2. Can I log into WhatsApp online?

Answer:  Yes of course. You can easily login to your whatsapp account online. Follow all the steps above.

3. Can I login to WhatsApp without my phone?

Ans: Sure thing. Whatsapp enables one to open their whatsapp account either through their mobile phone or their PC.

4. Can I use WhatsApp without app?

Ans: Actually this question is wrong since Whatsapp itself is an app.

5. Can I log into my WhatsApp on a computer?

Ans: Yes sure. You can log into your whatsapp from either phone or the computer.

6. How can I access my WhatsApp from PC?

Ans: Using some simple steps you can access your whatsapp directly from the PC. Either you can use some android emulator type software to run your Whatsapp. Or you can download the whatsapp for desktop app directly from the website and connect your account with it and use it from your PC itself.

7. Can I login to WhatsApp from another phone?

Ans: Yes, you can login to your whatsapp from another phone easily. Also one thing to note is that if you log in from one account you need to close the other account.

8. Can I view my WhatsApp messages on my laptop?

Ans: Yes you can. There are two kinds of options for this. Either you can go to https://web.whatsapp.com or you can download the whatsapp software and install it in your desktop and login with your whatsapp account. Also remember that inorder to use whatsapp in your laptop you need to keep the WiFi or the mobile data ON in your mobile phone.

9. How can I login my WhatsApp account on PC?

Ans: Two ways. Either throght web.whatsapp.com or through direct desktop software download.

10. How can I open WhatsApp on my PC without mobile?

Ans: You can’t open whatsapp without mobile. But if you are using the emulator method then surely you can open the whatsapp without mobile phone in PC.

11. Can I check my WhatsApp from another device?

Ans: Yes you can. You can check whatsapp from other device by installing Whatsapp in that device and logging into that Whatsapp account with your number. But it’s not recommended to install whatsapp on the other mobile if you already have Whatsapp in one mobile. Because it will disable the Whatsapp in the old mobile and disabling the access to all the old messages. The proper way to access whatsapp from the other device is to use web.whatsapp.com

12. Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Ans: No. Whatspp messages are so secure that they are completely encrypted on both ends. No one can sniff your messages in between. No one can read your messages from another phone. Only the receiver can do it.

13. How can I login to my WhatsApp account on my new phone with the lost SIM number?

Ans: Sim or the number is compulory if you are going to use whatsapp in that number. Because when you login to whatsapp it will send a OTP number to your mobile phone. You need to insert the OTP number in your whatsapp account to activate it.

14. How can I connect my WhatsApp with PC?

Ans: Make sure you have the data connection enabled in both PC and mobile phone. Follow the steps below.

  • Now go to this website https://web.whatsapp.com here.
  • There you will get a QR code.
  • Now in your mobile phone click on the three dots on the top right corner.
  • Choose Whatsapp Web and you will get a scanner.
  • Now scan the QR code and the website now display your whatsapp app screen.

15. How can I access my WhatsApp?

Ans: You can access your Whatsapp through your mobile phone, PC and Tablets. Make sure they are connected to the internet.

16. Is there a desktop version of WhatsApp?

Ans: Yes of course. There is a desktop version called Whatsapp desktop.

17. How can I activate WhatsApp without verification code?

Ans: At present there are no ways to activate Whatsapp without the verification code. May be some mod can do it. But it will get eventually banned.

18. How do I log into WhatsApp with my phone number?

Ans: If you have already installed and activated whatsapp you don’t need to give your mobile number to log in to your whatsapp account. But if you are a first time user and need to install the Whatsapp then please follow the steps here.

19. How can I open WhatsApp without phone?

Ans: You can’t do that if you have your Whatsapp installed in a mobile phone. If you have whatsapp installed in an emulator may be you can open that whatsapp without emulator.

20. Can I use WhatsApp on my PC without QR code?

Ans: No, you definitely need QR code to use Whatsapp in PC. You can do it only if you are using Whatsapp in an emulator but that’s a whole different approach.

21. How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

Ans: Whatsapp hasn’t introduced any options like linkedin to find you looks at your DP and stuffs. The only thing you can find is that who watches your status.

22. How do you know if someone is chatting on WhatsApp?

Ans: No. We can’t get that details. But we can find weather they are online or not.

23. How do I check my WhatsApp version?

Ans: Go to settings. Then Choose Help. Click on app info. Your Whatsapp version will be displayed there.

24.How can you track someone on WhatsApp?

Ans: Unfortunaltely, you can’t track anyone on whatsapp. Only thing you can do is, you can check whether someone is online or not.

25.How can I check my WhatsApp login history?

Ans: There are no facilities as of now to check the Whatsapp login history. Many be some mods give you that but they will get banned eventually.

26.How can I access my old WhatsApp account?

Ans: If your account data got deleted without backup then there is no way you can recover your old account. If you have backup then install the whatsapp and in the place where it asks to recover backup just give the recovery option.

27.How can I activate old WhatsApp account without verification?

Ans: Whatever you do with the Whatsapp account you definitely need a verification to do it.

28.How can I use my old WhatsApp number without verification?

Ans: Definitely you will be required to verify the whatsapp number before you can use it with Whatsapp.

29.How can I open WhatsApp Web on mobile?

Ans: You can use your chrome browser to open web.whatsapp.com but it is recommended to install app in the mobile phone to access it.

30.Can I use WhatsApp without QR code?

Ans: Yes only if you use whatsapp in mobile or in the emulator.

31.How do I connect to WhatsApp?

Ans: You can connect to whatsapp using internet connection and through mobile, laptop & PC.

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The way to login to Whatsapp is been searched by many people to log into their Whatsapp through some other device without their mobile phone. For them this post is the better guide. Follow all the steps to log in Whatsapp online.

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