How to solve the error 0x8024001e?

If you are an avid windows OS user you should have probably known that updates always leads to some kind of bugs and errors. This error is also a kind of error that occurs when an update is done to the operating system.

This error code 0x8024001e occurs only if you have a dll file missing. Don’t worry you can simply repair and fix the file in -between the update and keep on continuing installation.

This error should be categorised under windows updates error.

Code: 0x8024001e

Error 0x8024001e pops up from nowhere during the system update and it may stop the updating process. There are few reasons for this error such as missing or corrupt DLL files, corrupt registry key or some kind of virus might also cause this error by deleting the important DLL files.

Here in this post we are going to discuss the troubleshooting methods to solve this 0x8024001e error.

How to fix update error 0x8024001e in windows 10 ?

Here we will provide you with few solutions. Do follow them without skipping any of the steps. Let’s proceed.

First of all before diving deep into the problem or error we need to check one thing first. It’s the internet connection. Most of the update errors in windows occur due to nil network connection or poor network connection. So before checking for other problems first kindly check your internet connection. If possible do a restart of the internet connection. Then check whether it has solved your problem. If not no worries please check other solutions below.

Method – 2

Restarting Microsoft Update

This error 0x8024001e usually occurs during the windows update phase. If the update has stopped then you just need to restart the update service. Let me show you how to do it.

  1. Go to start and type run to open the run dialogue or you can use the shortcut win + R
  2. Enter service.msc in the run dialogue box. See the image.
  3. Now the services that are currently running on your computer will be displayed. You need to find the update service that is running and you have to restart it.
  4. The update service has the name as Windows Update.
  5. Right click on the Windows Update and hit start if it is not already running.
  6. Restart the computer to make the changes effect. Mostly after the update the problem or the error would have beed solved. If not then please check out the next step. Repairing the registry might help you in this case.

Method – 3

  1. Go to start and type “Advanced Startup Options”
  2. This advanced startup options will get you into general settings.
  3. In the general settings screen you can see the Advanced setup words written on the right side with a Restart now button.
  4. Click on the Restart now button. This will restart the computer and let you begin with the advanced settings menu.
  5. After the computer get restarted, you will have to choose “Advanced options” and you will get the below screen.
  6. There select the option Automatic Repair. Again the system will get restarted.

During this restart the automatic repair tool will check for any kind of registry errors, corrupt errors and solve it out. The error you got must have been resolved by now. If not let’s try the renaming method.

Method – 4

Renaming Software Distribution Folder

  1. This error 0x8024001e occurs when the Microsoft update service running when you try the update. So let’s try stopping it and rename the software distribution folder to solve the error.
  2. Just like the method 2 open Services.msc from run.
  3. Go to start and open run. Shortcut -> win + R
  4. In the run dialogue box type services.msc and hit go.
  5. Find the running Windows Update service and hit stop.
  6. Now navigate to the drive where you have installed the OS. Mostly it will be C: drive. Then go to the windows folder and search SoftwareDistribution folder.
  7. Just rename the folder to some other name such as SoftwareDistribution2.
  8. Now open start and go to run (Win + R)
  9. Open service list by services.msc and restart the Windows Update service.

Important to note: To make the changes come into effect you need to restart the system.

Note: Detailed guides to delete and rename the software distribution folder will be updated here. Watch out the space.

Method – 5

Restoring the system to a previous point

This is one of the most common solution to any problem that occurs in the windows OS. You can make your computer go back to a previous date where the bug or error didn’t even exist and all the settings were right. If you could restore the system then the error 0x8024001e won’t be there and you can update the OS with extra care.

Steps to restore the windows:

  1. Go to start and type System Restore.
  2. In the system restore window there will be steps which you need to follow to get the system restored.
  3. Also never forget to create a checkpoint for your system when it is working good so that we can restore it in case of problem.
  4. After all the steps the system will restart and you will have the error solved.

Note: Detailed guide to create and restore the system will be updated here.

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