[Working] How to Setup IPTV for Roku?

IPTV on Roku

Latest method to setup and install IPTV for Roku OS:

What is IPTV?

IPTV is a famous digital streaming service who broadcast many famous television programs in and around the world.  They transit many television programs through the internet to all the countries. Many television programs many not be available for the users of the other countries. But this IPTV transmits those programs through the internet so that every other user in another country can also watch these movies / television program without hassle. IPTV offers a lot of channels as much as 5500+ in and around the world.

What is Roku?

Roku is a Television OS which is very famous in the United states. Now they have been introduced in the UK market too. Since you have come to visit this post then you might know about the Roku OS well. Now let’s get to the part where you can learn to install and setup the IPTV program in the Roku OS.


  1. Roku Device
  2. Internet connection
  3. And of course a TV

Steps to install IPTV on Roku :

  1. First of all connect the ROku device to the TV and make sure you have the active internet connection.
  2. Now go to the Roku channel store and search the phrase -> M3u Playlist Player and install it in your device.
  3. Open the M3U playlist player in the device and navigate to Channels option.
  4. Click -> New playlist
  5. There you will have the space to enter playlist name and M3U url and click on save option.
  6. Now depending on the speed of your internet connection the channels get loaded in the roku device.
  7. Now restart the Roku device.
  8. Open the IPTV app again. Now the playlist channel will appear. The only thing is the channels which you have subscribed only will appear.

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Wait. If you are not comfortable with this method then we have an another method for you.

Screen Mirroring Smart IPTV app on Roku:

This method can be simply summarized as below.  Using an android app we are going to run IPTV app in the mobile and mirror it to the TV. This method too requires IPTV subscription. Download this Smart IPTV app from the playstore and install it in your android device. Then use the above details to configure the IPTV subscription to stream.

  1. Before mirroring the android device you need to enable screen mirroring in the settings. Open roku then go to settings -> system -> enable screen mirroring
  2. Make sure that the roku device and the android device are connected in the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Now select the roku device on the android. Now the connection must have been established.
  4. If the connection process went successfully then by now your device will appear on the TV screen.
  5. Go to smart IPTV on the android device and start streaming.
  6. Happy watching!


The above methods will have explained you completely about the process of streaming the IPTV on roku device and mirroring your android device to the TV. If you have any queries regarding this please don’t hesitate to comment below so that we can lend our hand to help you.

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