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Routers – Complete Details

Router Introduction :

In simple words, Routers are the devices that forwards data packets in between one or more computer networks. Routers are nothing but the devices that control the traffic functions. They transmit the web pages in the form of data. Routers are the devices that are the used to route the data packets between the two networks. Their primary job is to route the data packets from one network to the other without the loss of data. There are many brands of routers that will do the routing task.

Table of Contents:

  • Purpose of routers
  • Types of routers
  • Router IP Addresses and their purpose
  • Popular router models
  • Initial Router configurations
  • Reset the router
  • Most famous routers in amazon
  • Some common router configuration mistakes
Router Login

Router Login

Purpose of routers:

Routers are the most important part of the network stream where they perform the act of routing the data packets from one place to the other. A router device is simply connected to two different IP networks and transfer the data between these two networks. For example if one network in the cluster need to send data to the another network then the first network will send the data packets to the router and now the router will decide the destination address by looking at the network address in the data packet that is passed and it is directed correctly to the destination address.

Types of routers:

There are many different types of routers and they are specially used for particular purposes depending on the demand that is required. Simple routers are the ones that forward the data packets between basic router and the internet. There are some middle level routers that are used in some institutions such as schools, colleges and small-medium business.

Also there are some other routers that are of enterprise grade quality that can be used to connect the office premises in two or more locations. In these cases the routers with the grade of enterprise level will be used to connect those premises.

Router IP addresses and their purpose:

There are a lot of IP address that are used in the router as the gateway for router settings. These IP address are the private IP addresses that can be used to connect to the devices that are connected inside a private network. Some of the routers IP are mentioned below.

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Summary of the post

This post is aimed at providing the details about the routers that are used in any kinds of networks that are used around the world. There are different types of scenarios where different types of routers are used for routing purposes. The types of brand and their functionality are clearly explained in the post.

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