How to JailBreak Roku device in 3 simple steps

JailBreak Roku Device

A short intro about Roku:

Just like Firestick or Chromecast, Roku is an online digital media player device that can stream thousands of movies, TV shows and programs. It is available as a hardware device which is very small and quite portable and can be used with all compatible devices. It can be used to stream contents at free of cost. All you need is a compatible device and the internet connection to stream the shows. This device has so much awesome options which you can use it at the fullest to enjoy as much as you want. But even the powerful device comes with the limitation.

JailBreak Roku Device

JailBreak Roku Device in simple steps

Every device has a limitation on them with the help of the OS installed. This restriction helps the users to manage the device properly and not exceed the capacity of the device. But few users like you are not the normal users. They need to explore the device to the fullest. They need to push the capacity of the device to the fullest. The only way to do that is to jailbreak the device. It means bypassing the restrictions of the device manufacturers.

Here we gonna explain you how to jailbreak roku device. Read further for more detailed explanation.

Jailbreaking – What is it?

In simple terms, Jailbreaking means to bypass the restrictions of the device manufacturer and use the device to the fullest. Jailbreaking helps the user to bend the device as much as he like. Also some manufacturers don’t allow any kind of third-party apps to be installed to your device, but by jailbreaking you can easily install any kind of third party apps to your device with ease. In android it is known as routing and in iOS and firestick it is commonly known as jailbreaking.

How to jailbreak Roku? Is it possible?

First of all, jailbreaking requires some OS like android or iOS. Here the Roku device has the standalone Roku OS . This Roku OS itself is already pushed to use the maximum capacity of the device and jailbreaking it won’t give you some extra device space to work for. It will still be the same. Even without jailbreaking the Roku device we can increase the performance of the device by using it with Kodi.

Kodi on Roku:

It is very less useful if you try to jailbreak the Roku OS. Even after jailbreaking the Roku OS you will still not be able to access any kind of third party apps with it. The only way to access the third party apps with Roku is to pair it with Kodi. But the app is also not supported with Firestick and Android devices.

Roku OS is highly non-customisable and can’t be installed with any of the third party add-ons that are non official or third party add-ons. So the only way you can use kodi to install other apps is by screen mirroring , therefore you need some device to do this screen mirroring.

Install Kodi on ku devices:

There are two different ways you can do the screen mirroring. You can choose the best way to do the screen mirroring to cast the kodi on Roku. In roku you need to find the roku category. 

They may be either,

  • Roku Ultra,
  • Roku Premier / Premier +,
  • Roku Streaming Stick,
  • Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4

Roku TV

#1 Method One : 

Android Screen mirroring:

As we have already seen Roku can’t be jailbroken and so there must some other device that could help mirroring this kodi to Roku.

  1. First of all you need to enable screen mirroring in Roku
  2. Go to home button and to main menu
  3. Click settings -> System
  4. Select the screen mirroring option. Now click Allow / Prompt / Always Allow
  5. Also don’t forget to connect the Android and Roku device in the same network.

If you are ready to do this with the Kodi android app then please follow the below method.

  1. Follow this link to download the kodi app.
  2. Make sure to grant access to the kodi app to manage all the media files in the mobile.
  3. After installing the app, go to settings and tap on device and choose display.
  4. After choosing display scroll down and click cast to see compatible roku devices. Now you have mirrored your screen.
  5. After the above step open kodi on android device to stream a TV show.

#2 Method Two : 

Windows Screen Mirroring:

In this method we will be using Windows PC to cast the contents to the Roku device. For that you need to install the kodi app to the Windows pc. Follow the below steps to install kodi on windows.

  1. Go to link to download the latest kodi for desktop.
  2. Now download the kodi and install the kodi for windows.
  3. After installing the kodi, go to control center in your PC.
  4. Choose project in the given list.
  5. There select Add a wireless display / PC screen only option.
  6. Tap on start mirroring your screen option to stream Kodi on roku,

Final words:

This Roku OS doesn’t support any kind of jailbreaking so you need to take advantage of the kodi app to cast the contents on the roku device. The above two methods are from android and windows OS. With these devices the screening can be done effectively.

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