How to download Twitter videos online in one click

Download Twitter Videos

Twitter is an awesome platform that is widely used by many people worldwide. There are many social media available on the internet and Twitter is one of it’s kind. Next to Facebook, Twitter is the most used social media of all time. Previously in Twitter, there was no option to upload images, short videos or gifs. Only you can type and post text. But as time passes and new updates emerge and in the next versions Twitter enabled users the option to upload short videos, images and gif files.

Once it got the option to upload images & videos users got very excited and started uploading lots and lots of files to Twitter. Some videos are so funny that the people can’t stop retweeting it. There is an option on Twitter to save the tweet that you like so much. It may consist of text, gifs or videos. But you can download those videos if you like to. Only you can save them in the Twitter and can view it any time in Twitter alone. If the person who uploaded the short video decides to take down the content then it’s gone forever. You lose it.

This is why most people like to download those short videos that they see in the twitter. They need to download them and store in their hard-disk or other storage device so that they can view them whenever they want. But Twitter doesn’t directly allow any one to download the content they share on Twitter so we need some third party tool so that we can download them with ease. Here’s where the GetMyTweet tool comes into play.

How to use tool to download twitter videos ?

  1. Open the twitter site. 
  2. Go to the tweet with video which you like to download. Now copy the tweet link. Sample link :
  3. After copying the link go to site. On opening the site paste the link in the given text box and hit download.
  4. Now you will be taken to another page where you can download the video in many different formats. Either in high quality or normal quality.
  5. On clicking the download button the link will open into a new window, where the video will start to run.
  6. On the right side down of the video there will be a three dots. Click on it and save video.
  7. Or you can just right click on the download button and Click “Save as”
  8. Enjoy your video.

The below are the most frequently asked questions:

What will be the extension of the downloaded video file?

The video file will be downloaded in the .mp4 format

Where will be my video saved after downloading?

The video will be saved in the downloads folder and also it depends on the browser that you are using. If you are using chrome then click Ctrl+J to open the downloads folder. If you are using Firefox then Ctrl+J to open downloads folder. 

My video is playing in the new tab and not downloading?

Just right click on the video and click save as. And save it. The video file is now  downloaded and you can see it in the downloads folder.

Do they store the data / the video we download?

No. No. No. Absolutely no. GetMyTweet respects your privacy at the maximum and they don’t even store the url’s for any kind of analysis works.

Do my PC get infected with virus if I download video from Twitter?

No way. GetMyTweet provides you an access to Twitter’s CDN server to help you download the video. They don’t provide you any kind of video. So it’s very safe to download. Don’t hesitate to use it.

If you have any doubts regarding the ways to download the Twitter videos then please don’t hesitate to ask it in the comments section. We are very active on the site and we are ready to solve any kind of problems that you face. So please do comment and share this post with your buddies too.

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