Top 5 CYRO.SE Alternatives to watch movies Alternatives

Hello friends. Here you have come to know about the alternatives of CYRO.SE website. Here we have listed a lot of alternative sites that might serve as a best alternative for the website. Ead further to know more about this and it’s alternative sites to your favorite TV shows and movies for free. [ Not recommended but still useful for some research purposes ] is one of the most wanted movie streaming websites that was very popular among the users to stream their movies and favourite TV shows. They used it to watch or stream movies in devices of their convenience. But right now you might be wondering why is the site not opening on my end? Is it my internet connection or what? Will it open if I use VPN ? The answer to all is that it is not your fault. The site is taken down and not is operational. Sorry for that. There is no use in waiting for that.

So here we got some of the alternative sites that might serve you well as like the website. So please have a look below.

Best Working Alternatives :

  • MegaBoxHD App – Mobile Friendly
  • G2G Movies
  • HD Popcorn
  • PureFlix
  • FMovies
  • Movies Couch

MegaBoxHD App – Mobile Friendly

This app is a very mobile phone friendly app and is very easy to stream content on a mobile phone using this app. If you are using a mobile device and you need to stream content properly on a mobile device without much hassle then the best app is this. Use MegaBoxHD App to stream in a mobile. Also the best part is that you don’t need to login to the site inorder to use. You can view it as guest.

The contents streamed are in HD quality and has a very huge database of movies and TV shows. You can watch them straight away without even logging in. Best isn’t it? This app has a best UI that is pretty good. Yes it’s ad-free. So no worries about ads.

G2G Movies

If you are very fond of watching your TV shows and movies in HD then you need to watch in this G2G movies site. Too many users are watching movies in this site and are totally in love with this. Just like the website this site is also free to watch and is user friendly.

This site has a huge list of movies, documentaries, series and TV shows. The only thing is that you need to login to the site to watch your free movies. The login security is for obvious reasons. The latest movies are also quickly updated within days. So bookmark the site and watch it at your convenience.

HD Popcorn

This HD Popcorn site just looks exactly like the site with is best at streaming links at good quality. Just like this site also has a list of large libraries and many updated TV shows, documentaries and movies in all languages. Even if you check other alternative websites everyone definitely gonna suggest you this website. It has some good quality UI and best loading time.

The formats available in the sites are 480p, 720p and 1080p. You can sort the genre in which you like to watch. They will sort you the list of movies in that genre.


If you tried of all the pirated movie streaming sites and don’t want to support any pirated movie streaming websites then here you go. PureFlix is one of the legal streaming platforms where you can stream your favourite movies legally. But since this site is legal you need to subscribe to their plans to watch or stream movies from their site.

Don’t worry, they give you a free trial for a limited amount of time so you can go through their library and find all types of movies they offer to watch. If you feel that they are worth to pay and watch don’t forgot to subs


FMovies is just another alternative that enables users to stream movies at ease. If you are looking for a best alternative of website then this site should definitely be considered. This site completely has everything that a movie site should have. It has many shows shows from hollywood and other language shows from all parts of the world.

Reviews and insights about all the movies are available in FMovies site. Like all other alternatives this site also has a huge movies database.

Movies Couch

This is one of the new streaming sites that are in town. It has new design and awesome UI. The main specialty of this site is that it has large number of bollywood movies rather than the hollywood movies. It also has hollywood movies but bollywood library is bigger. So if you decide to watch some Bollywood movies then this should be the site you need to choose.

In my view this is a very good alternative for website for indian movie lovers.


Here we have discussed the most suitable alternative for the website. Also if you find any best alternative for website then please do let us know about it in the comments below.

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