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If you are an avid windows OS user you should have probably known that updates always leads to some kind of bugs and errors. This error is also a kind of error that occurs when an update is done to the operating system.

This error code 0x8024001e occurs only if you have a dll file missing. Don’t worry you can simply repair and fix the file in -between the update and keep on continuing installation.

This error should be categorised under windows updates error.

Code: 0x8024001e

Error 0x8024001e pops up from nowhere during the system update and it may stop the updating process. There are few reasons for this error such as missing or corrupt DLL files, corrupt registry key or some kind of virus might also cause this error by deleting the important DLL files.

Here in this post we are going to discuss the troubleshooting methods to solve this 0x8024001e error.

How to fix update error 0x8024001e in windows 10 ?

Here we will provide you with few solutions. Do follow them without skipping any of the steps. Let’s proceed.

First of all before diving deep into the problem or error we need to check one thing first. It’s the internet connection. Most of the update errors in windows occur due to nil network connection or poor network connection. So before checking for other problems first kindly check your internet connection. If possible do a restart of the internet connection. Then check whether it has solved your problem. If not no worries please check other solutions below.

Method – 2

Restarting Microsoft Update

This error 0x8024001e usually occurs during the windows update phase. If the update has stopped then you just need to restart the update service. Let me show you how to do it.

  1. Go to start and type run to open the run dialogue or you can use the shortcut win + R
  2. Enter service.msc in the run dialogue box. See the image.
  3. Now the services that are currently running on your computer will be displayed. You need to find the update service that is running and you have to restart it.
  4. The update service has the name as Windows Update.
  5. Right click on the Windows Update and hit start if it is not already running.
  6. Restart the computer to make the changes effect. Mostly after the update the problem or the error would have beed solved. If not then please check out the next step. Repairing the registry might help you in this case.

Method – 3

  1. Go to start and type “Advanced Startup Options”
  2. This advanced startup options will get you into general settings.
  3. In the general settings screen you can see the Advanced setup words written on the right side with a Restart now button.
  4. Click on the Restart now button. This will restart the computer and let you begin with the advanced settings menu.
  5. After the computer get restarted, you will have to choose “Advanced options” and you will get the below screen.
  6. There select the option Automatic Repair. Again the system will get restarted.

During this restart the automatic repair tool will check for any kind of registry errors, corrupt errors and solve it out. The error you got must have been resolved by now. If not let’s try the renaming method.

Method – 4

Renaming Software Distribution Folder

  1. This error 0x8024001e occurs when the Microsoft update service running when you try the update. So let’s try stopping it and rename the software distribution folder to solve the error.
  2. Just like the method 2 open Services.msc from run.
  3. Go to start and open run. Shortcut -> win + R
  4. In the run dialogue box type services.msc and hit go.
  5. Find the running Windows Update service and hit stop.
  6. Now navigate to the drive where you have installed the OS. Mostly it will be C: drive. Then go to the windows folder and search SoftwareDistribution folder.
  7. Just rename the folder to some other name such as SoftwareDistribution2.
  8. Now open start and go to run (Win + R)
  9. Open service list by services.msc and restart the Windows Update service.

Important to note: To make the changes come into effect you need to restart the system.

Note: Detailed guides to delete and rename the software distribution folder will be updated here. Watch out the space.

Method – 5

Restoring the system to a previous point

This is one of the most common solution to any problem that occurs in the windows OS. You can make your computer go back to a previous date where the bug or error didn’t even exist and all the settings were right. If you could restore the system then the error 0x8024001e won’t be there and you can update the OS with extra care.

Steps to restore the windows:

  1. Go to start and type System Restore.
  2. In the system restore window there will be steps which you need to follow to get the system restored.
  3. Also never forget to create a checkpoint for your system when it is working good so that we can restore it in case of problem.
  4. After all the steps the system will restart and you will have the error solved.

Note: Detailed guide to create and restore the system will be updated here.

Routers – Complete Details

Router Introduction :

In simple words, Routers are the devices that forwards data packets in between one or more computer networks. Routers are nothing but the devices that control the traffic functions. They transmit the web pages in the form of data. Routers are the devices that are the used to route the data packets between the two networks. Their primary job is to route the data packets from one network to the other without the loss of data. There are many brands of routers that will do the routing task.

Table of Contents:

  • Purpose of routers
  • Types of routers
  • Router IP Addresses and their purpose
  • Popular router models
  • Initial Router configurations
  • Reset the router
  • Most famous routers in amazon
  • Some common router configuration mistakes
Router Login
Router Login

Purpose of routers:

Routers are the most important part of the network stream where they perform the act of routing the data packets from one place to the other. A router device is simply connected to two different IP networks and transfer the data between these two networks. For example if one network in the cluster need to send data to the another network then the first network will send the data packets to the router and now the router will decide the destination address by looking at the network address in the data packet that is passed and it is directed correctly to the destination address.

Types of routers:

There are many different types of routers and they are specially used for particular purposes depending on the demand that is required. Simple routers are the ones that forward the data packets between basic router and the internet. There are some middle level routers that are used in some institutions such as schools, colleges and small-medium business.

Also there are some other routers that are of enterprise grade quality that can be used to connect the office premises in two or more locations. In these cases the routers with the grade of enterprise level will be used to connect those premises.

Router IP addresses and their purpose:

There are a lot of IP address that are used in the router as the gateway for router settings. These IP address are the private IP addresses that can be used to connect to the devices that are connected inside a private network. Some of the routers IP are mentioned below.

This IP address is one of the most prominently used IP address out there that has the most use among the router companies that set the private Ip address of the devices that are used to access the settings page of the router. There are two kinds of Ip address that are available. They are private IP address and public IP address. Public IP address are the ip address that are assigned to the devices to connect to the external world WAN. But the private addresses are used to connect the devices that are used in the internal network of any kind of home or office areas.

Access Your Router Panel Router Admin Login is an IP address that everyone must be aware of. This ip address is most common among the home networks. The router brands that use these IP address are such as Netgear & D-Link routers. This router handles the ip address with the default gateway which helps in handling the conflicts that arise here.

Ways to login / 192.168.o.1

  • The steps to login to any of the router model is nearly same and needs not much briefing.
  • If you are using the routers of D-Link and netgear then there are chances of them using the ip address to login to the router settings.
  • So click here to move to the router settings page.
  • If you have already set the password and now you need to recover them then here are the tips to recover the router password.
  • Once you login to the admin panel you will now have all the options to change the Wi-Fi password, DNS and routing etc.

Check Manually for the router brand you are using: - 192.168.o.1 Router login online

I can’t access the router settings why?

This error is what most users face especially when they are new to this router setup configuration.

The most common way this problem arise is by connecting to a router that is different from the one you want to open the settings page. You might be connected to any other router other than the respective router. Kindly check once before proceeding.
Likewise please check the internet connection. This may sound silly but most people unknowingly does this mistake. They switch of the router and try to connect to them. So kindly check once. Also make sure you have right spelled the IP address as and not 192.168.o.1 or 192.168.O.1

Model Username Password
NP22 admin admin
GT701 admin none
GT701WG none none
GT704 admin none
GT704WGRV none none
GT724WG none none
GT784WN none none
M1000 modem none none
PK5000 modem none none
R1524 modem none none
R3000 router none none
R3010UW router none none
R3010UW(AP) none none
GT704 admin
GT704 admin
GT704WG none none
PK5001A admin ”randomly generated”
PK5000 admin
C1000A admin ”randomly generated”
WL151N-AR admin admin
Uspeed 300Mbps dual band router admin admin
Uspeed 600Mbps dual band router admin admin
Uspeed Dual Band Router 300Mbps admin admin
Uspeed Dual Band Router 600Mbps admin admin
Aperion Audio
Aris Wireless Card for Windows
Aris Wireless Card for Windows none none
SBG6900-AC admin password
DG950 admin password
SBR-AC1750 password
SBR-AC3200P admin password
DG860P2 admin password
DG950A admin password
SBG6700-AC admin password
SBR-AC1900P admin password
windows xp admin arrowpoint
RTW030 admin admin
6800G none none
ALR-U270 admin admin
MV430 admin admin
MV440 admin admin
MR-105N admin admin
PGP-108N admin admin
F5D8236-4 V3 V3 none none
Bountiful WiFi
BWRG1000 admin admin
BWRG500 admin admin
LinkMax HSA300A-2 broadmax broadmax
Card King
KW-RT6019 admin
CBW560 cable
CBW560 cable
CBV704EW admin password
DPC3825 3.02 admin W2402
DPQ3925 admin password
EPC2425 1.0 none 233897301
DPC3825 none none
NetPassage 15 admin password
C54BRS4A admin 1234
C300BRS4 admin admin
C54BRS4A admin admin
FXE2000-G admin pass
CG-BAR-SD none none
MBR1200 none last 6 digits of MAC address found on bottom of device
MBR1400 ”randomly generated”
MBR1200 none none
MBR1400 ”randomly generated”
SG300 root default
SG560 root default
SG565 root default
DIR-895L router none none
DWC-1000 Rev.A and B admin admin
EBR-2310 admin none
KR-1 admin none
N300 rev.A admin none
TM-G5240 (none) admin
WBR-1310 admin none
WBR-1310 2.0 volcom75 1987197500
AC1200 Amplifi gigabit model none none
WBR-2310 admin none
WBR-2310 a1 1.02 D Link 25 none
AC1750 Amplifi router none none
WBR-2310 revB admin none
AC1750 Wireless rev.A none none
AC1900 router none none
AC3150 router none none
AC3200 router none none
AC5300 router none none
AC750 Wireless router admin none
All Models none 211cmw91765
DFL-1600 firewall admin admin
DFL-210 firewall admin admin
DGL-4100 admin none
DGL-4300 admin none
DI-524 none none
DI-524 admin none
DI-524UP admin none
DI-624 Admin (none)
DI-624 admin password
DI-624M admin none
DI-624S admin none
DI-634M admin (blank)
DI-704P admin none
DI-704UP admin none
DI-707 (none) admin
DI-707P admin none
DI-711 admin none
DI-713 (none) admin
DI-713P (none) admin
DI-724GU admin none
DI-724U admin (blank)
DI-754 admin none
DI-774 admin (none)
DI-804HV admin none
DI-804V admin none
DI-808HV admin none
DI-824VUP Airplus G Wireless VPN Router admin none
DI-824VUP+ admin password
DI-LB604 admin none
DIR-130 admin none
DIR-300 admin none
DIR-300 root none
DIR-300 1 admin admin
DIR-300 admin
DIR-320 admin none
DIR-330 admin none
DIR-412 admin none
DIR-450 admin none
DIR-451 admin none
DIR-505L admin none
DIR-600 3.02 admin none
DIR-600L admin none
DIR-605 admin none
DIR-605L admin none
DIR-615 admin none
DIR-615 1.0.0 admin admin
DIR-615 1.10(I) Admin none
DIR-615 l1 Admin none
DIR-625 admin none
DIR-628 admin none
DIR-635 Admin (blank)
DIR-645 Admin none
DIR-651 Admin none
DIR-655 admin (blank)
DIR-657 Admin none
DIR-660 admin none
DIR-665 Admin none
DIR-685 Admin (none)
DIR-810L admin none
DIR-815 Admin (none)
DIR-816L admin none
DIR-818LW admin none
DIR-820L admin none
DIR-825 Admin none
DIR-826L admin none
DIR-827 Admin none
DIR-835 Admin none
DIR-842 gigabit router none none
DIR-850L (n/a) none
DIR-855 admin none
DIR-857 Admin none
DIR-859 router none none
DIR-868L (n/a) none
DIR-880L (n/a) none
DIR-890L Admin none
DWR-961 admin
DIR-604 Admin
DAP-1320 Admin
DWR-530 admin
DWR-530 admin
DSL-504 admin admin
DCM-604 admin password
DIR-506L admin
DHP-1320 admin
DHP-1565 Admin
DI-604UP admin
DAP-1320 Admin
DIR-860L admin ”randomly generated”
DWR-555 admin
WBR-2310 admin
WBR-1310 admin admin
WBR-2310 admin blank
DWR-117 admin
DI-514 admin none
DI-604 admin blank
DI-711 admin
DIR-602L Admin
DIR-120 admin
DIR-100 admin
DI-713 none admin
DI-713P none admin
DI-714 admin none
DHP-1565 Admin
DIR-320 admin blank
DIR-450 admin
DIR-412 admin blank
DIR-450 admin
DIR-600L admin
DIR-600 admin none
DIR-501 admin
DIR-600L admin blank
DIR-601 admin none
DIR-605L admin admin
DIR-615 admin blank
DIR-602 admin
DIR-620 admin admin
DIR-300 admin admin
DIR-625 admin blank
DIR-645L admin
DIR-615 admin admin
DIR-635 admin blank
DIR-456U admin admin
DIR-655 Admin
DIR-625 admin
DIR-320 admin admin
DIR-619L admin
DIR-815 Admin none
DIR-836L Admin
DIR-802 Admin
DIR-524 admin
DIR-400 admin
DIR-855 admin blank
DIR-860L Admin none
DI-604 admin
DIR-601 admin
DIR-826L Admin
DI-604 admin
DIR-600 admin
DIR-655 admin
DIR-513 Admin
DIR-601L admin
DIR-651 admin
DIR-652 admin
DIR-619 admin
DIR-618 admin
DHP-1320 admin
DIR-610N+ Admin
DIR-845L admin
DIR-605 admin
DWR-512 admin
DIR-605L admin
DIR-653 Admin
DIR-825 admin
DI-524 admin
DIR-100 admin
DIR-120 admin
WBR-1310 admin
DIR-614 admin
DIR-456 admin
DIR-410 admin
DI-754 admin
DIR-636L Admin none
DIR-855L Admin
DI-604UP admin
DI-707P admin
WBR-1310 admin
WBR-2310 admin
DIR-600L admin
DIR-601 admin
DIR-601L admin
DIR-602 admin
DIR-602L Admin
DIR-605 admin
DIR-862L Admin none
DIR-605L admin
DIR-863 Admin none
DIR-869 Admin none
DIR-610N+ Admin
DIR-879 Admin none
DIR-614 admin
DIR-885L Admin none
DIR-615 admin
DIR-890L none none
DIR-895L Admin none
DIR-618 admin
DIR-619 admin
DIR-619L admin
DIR-620 admin
DIR-625 admin
DIR-628 admin
DIR-632 admin
DIR-635 admin
DIR-636L Admin
DIR-645 admin
DIR-645L admin
DIR-651 admin
DIR-652 admin
DIR-653 Admin
DIR-657 Admin
DIR-665 admin
DIR-802 Admin
DIR-803 Admin
DIR-809 Admin
TM-G5240 none admin
DIR-810L Admin
DIR-815 admin
DIR-815 admin admin
DIR-816L Admin
DIR-818L Admin
DIR-819 admin
DIR-820L Admin
DIR-825 admin
DIR-825 admin admin
DIR-826L Admin
DIR-835 admin
DIR-836L Admin
DIR-842 Admin
DIR-843 Admin
DIR-845L admin
DIR-850L Admin
DIR-855 admin
DIR-855L Admin
DIR-857 Admin
DI-634M admin none
DIR-859 Admin
DI-713 admin
DIR-860L admin
DIR-862L Admin
DI-714 admin
DI-724U admin none
DGL-4300 Admin
DIR-863 Admin
DI-764 admin none
DIR-865L admin
DI-774 admin none
DGL-4500 admin
DI-784 admin none
DIR-868L admin
DI-824VUP admin none
DGL-5500 Admin
DIR-869 Admin
DIR-879 Admin
DIR-280 admin none
DIR-880L Admin
DIR-883 Admin
DIR-885L Admin
DIR-895L Admin
DIR-505 Admin none
DI-514 admin
DI-524 admin
DIR-515 admin none
DI-614+ admin
DI-624 admin
DI-624M admin
DI-634M admin
DI-711 admin
DI-724U admin
DI-754 admin
DI-764 admin
DI-774 admin
DI-784 admin
DI-824VUP admin
DIR-280 admin
DIR-635 admin none
DIR-320 admin
DIR-400 admin
DIR-410 admin
DIR-412 admin
DWR-117 admin
DIR-456 admin
DWR-512 admin
DIR-501 admin
DIR-806A admin admin
DIR-505 Admin
DWR-555 admin
DIR-513 Admin
DIR-515 admin
DIR-818L Admin none
DIR-524 admin
DIR-600 admin
TM-G5240 admin
DIR-604 Admin
DVG-N5402SP admin password
DIR-506L admin ”blank”
DIR-685 Admin
DIR-685 Admin none
DI-713P admin
DI-714+ admin none
DI-714+ admin
92141 admin admin
DSL642WLG admin password
WRG (Wireless Residential Gateway) admin password
4GR admin password
3GN admin password
PRO admin password
GO (DGO) admin password
Vigor 2800VG
Vigor 2800VG
WAR-54M-01 admin admin
EP-2655 admin
EPLINK-9001 admin
Home Wi-Fi System none none
Home Wi-Fi System
EH100 admin
EH100 admin
ENHWI-3GN3 admin admin
ENHWI-2AN3 admin admin
ENHWI-N3 admin admin
ESR-6650 admin admin
ERB300 admin admin
ETA1305 admin admin
ESR350 admin admin
EIR900 admin admin
ESR-9750 admin admin
ESR900 admin admin
ESR-9752 admin admin
ESR-9753 admin admin
ESR-9750G admin admin
ESR9850 admin admin
ESR6650 admin admin
ESR1221N admin admin
ESR750 admin admin
ESR600 admin admin
EVR100 admin admin
ESR7750 admin admin
ESR1750 admin admin
ETR-9330 admin admin
ETR-9350 admin admin
ETR-9360 admin admin
ESR1200 admin admin
ESR300 admin admin
EPG600 admin admin
W25 user NextG
SilverStore 2-Drive NAS none none
SilverStore 2-Drive NAS
Fry’s Electronics
FR-300RTR Admin none
FR-300RTR Admin
WX-2211 admin none
WX-2211 admin
WVRTM-127ACN admin admin
CGN cusadmin password
CGNV2 cusadmin password
CGN password
CODA-4589 cusadmin password
CODA-4782 cusadmin password
SoHo 401W
SoHo 401W
HG256s admin admin
G204 none none
N8004R none none
Bizhub C252 none 12345678
FS-4020DN none admin00
KR1 admin
KR1 admin
FBR-1416A admin password
FBR-1430 admin password
WBR-6601 admin password
WBR-6600 admin password
WBR-3600 admin password
WBR-6005 admin password
WBR-6022 admin password
WBR-6002 admin password
WBR-6001 password
WBR-6010 admin password
WBR-6020 password
WBR-6003 admin password
WBR-6800 password
WBR-3800 password
WBR-6000 admin password
WBR-3408 admin password
WBR-3408 password
WBR-3800 password
WBR-6001 password
WBR-6020 password
WBR-6800 password
WBR-6011 admin password
WCG200 comcast admin
WCG200 comcast 1234
SPA-2100 admin none
BEFSR81 admin password
BEFCMUH4 none admin
WCG200 none admin
WGR101 admin password
WCG200 blank admin
WCG200v1 comcast 1234
WCG200v2 comcast 1234
SPA2102 user & admin none
SPA2102 user & admin
WRT54G-TM none admin
WRT54G-TM admin
WRTU54G-TM admin admin
BEFCMUH4 admin
ABR-4400 admin admin
XBR-2300 admin admin
XBR-4400 admin admin
XWR-1750 admin admin
EtherMax admin admin
SG310 root none
SG310 root
MWN-WAPR150N admin admin
Mitsumi Electric
Wavit11 password
Wavit11 password
8070 admin admin
8069 admin admin
8742 (MW368R) none none
8742 (MW368R)
SURFboard SBG6580 admin motorola
SURFboard SBG6782-AC admin Motorola
SURFboard SVG7782U admin Motorola
MG7310 admin motorola
MG7315 admin motorola
MG7540 admin motorola
MG7550 admin motorola
PA-WR8170N-HP admin none
Aterm WR8600N
PA-WR8170N-HP admin blank
Aterm WR8600N
CG2003 admin password
CG3000 MSO changeme
CG3000D-RG chtruser charter
CG3100 admin password
CG814GCMR admin password
CG814WG v2 comcast 1234
CGD24N superuser password
CVG824G admin password
DG632 admin password
DG834GT V1.03.87 none none
DG834GV admin password
DIR300 admin password
DM11P admin password
FVS114 admin password
FVX538 admin password
FWG114P admin password
MR314 admin password
RP114 n a admin 1234
RT314 admin 1234
WGR614 v5 admin password
WNDR3300 none none
C3700 admin password
DG814 admin password
FR328S admin password
LG6100D admin password
CG2003D admin password
DG834GVSP admin password
CG814WG superuser password
CG814WB admin password
CGD24N admin password
RT311 none 1234
MBR1515 admin password
RP614 admin password
RT311 admin 1234
CG814WG comcast 1234
CG814WG admin password
DG834GT none password
DG834N admin admin
DG834PN none password
CG814v1 comcast 1234
CG814v2 comcast 1234
MBR1210 admin password
FVG318 admin password
FVW318 admin password
FWAG114 admin password
MBR1516 admin password
MBR624GU admin password
MBRN3000 admin password
MVBR1210C admin password
WGR101 admin password
CG3000D admin password
C3000 admin password
C6220 admin password
C7000 admin password
CG3000 admin password
C7100 admin password
D6200 admin password
D6300 admin password
DG834GB admin password
DG834GT admin password
DG834N admin password
DG834PN admin password
DGN1000 admin password
DGN2000 admin password
DGN3500 admin password
DGND3300 admin password
DGND3700 admin password
DGND4000 admin password
VEVG2500 admin password
ISB SOHO admin none
ISB2LAN user: none
Pro100 user: none
Pro400 user: none
Pro800 Turbo admin none
Nexxt Solutions
Polaris 150 admin admin
Sparx 201-W admin admin
Kronos 750-AC (AEIEL755U1) admin admin
Polaris 150 (ARNPR154U1) admin admin
Acrux 300 (ARN03304U1) admin admin
Acrux 600 (ARN02604U1) admin admin
Nebula 150 admin admin
Viking 150 (ARN01154U4) admin admin
Acrux 1200 admin admin
Acrux 300 admin admin
Acrux 600 admin admin
Amp 300 admin admin
Viking 150 admin admin
C330 root aaaaaa
C810 root Last 6 characters (chars uppercased) from MAC Address
501R root root
ACM5004-G root default
Evo-W311AR admin admin
FWR-714U admin admin
FWR-734N admin admin
M1 admin admin
Skyline 802.11b Wireless Broadband Gateway (8584)
Skyline 802.11b Wireless Broadband Gateway (8584)
TS-220 none none
DCW725 admin
DCW725 admin
RF-HTN104 admin none
RF-HTN104 admin
T900N-X admin admin
RNX-EasyN4 admin password
RNX-EasyN400 admin admin
T600N admin admin
RNX-EasyN4 admin admin
RNX-N4PS admin admin
Ruckus Wireless
ZoneFlex 7962 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7343 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 2942 admin password
ZoneFlex 7352 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7321 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7372 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7441 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex R310 super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7372-E super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7762-S super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7363 super sp-admin
[email protected] 3686 admin admin
CY-SWR1100 admin none
CY-SWR1100 admin
EPR2320R2 2 none Admin
EPR2320R2 v2.0.2r1262-070212 admin admin
2320 admin W2402
93209215 CABLE MODEM EMTA none admin
93209215 CABLE MODEM EMTA admin password
93209215 Webstar DPC2434 admin w2402
DPC2203 1.1 admin W2403
DPR2325R3 3 admin W2402
EPC2100 none none
Scientific Atlanta
WBR2100AFN admin admin
WBR4200AGN admin admin
WBR5200MGN admin admin
IP806GA GB admin password
IP1006GA GB admin password
IP1006SR admin password
IP1006RR admin password
IP1006GA/GB admin password
IP806GA/GB admin password
wl-108 none none
WL-607 admin admin
WLR-8100 admin ”randomly generated”
WL-351 admin admin
WLR-7100 admin ”randomly generated”
WLR-6100 admin
WLR-9000 admin
WLR-9500 admin
WL-183 admin admin
WL-306 admin admin
WL-308 admin admin
WL-309 admin admin
WLR-6000 admin ”randomly generated”
WLR-6100 admin none
WL-304 admin admin
SR101 3.45.1133.R admin sky
8014WG mso suddenlink
dc-227v2 001 e.g.1.0,rev.a admin admin
Modem Wireless Router cusadmin password
SMC8014 1B cusadmin password
SMC8014W-G 2A cusadmin password
SMC8014WN unkown cusadmin password
SMCD3GN none none
SMCD3GN highspeed
SMC8014WG cusadmin password
SG300 root default
SG550 root password
SG560 root default
SG565 root default
SG570 root default
WX-6615M none none
Overdrive 3G 4G Mobile Hotspot password
Overdrive Pro 3G 4G Mobile Hotspot password
Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot password
Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot password
AP-5131 admin symbol
TC7200 admin admin
Deskpoint Wireless root root
W302 admin admin
W568R admin admin
W303R admin
F452 admin
N150 admin
N6 admin admin
N301 admin admin
F303 admin
N80 admin admin
N60 admin admin
W307R admin admin
W330R admin admin
F300 admin
W1800R admin admin
FH1201 none admin
FH1202 none admin
N3 none none
W311R admin admin
W268R admin admin
N150 admin
F452 admin
F9 admin
F3 admin
FH303 admin
F1200 admin
F300 admin
FH1201 admin
F303 admin
W303R admin
FH1202 admin
4G600 admin admin
TWG850-4U admin
TWG850-4U none admin
TWG870 admin
TWG870 none admin
DWG875T admin
DWG875T none admin
A3 admin admin
N600 admin admin
N600RT admin admin
A3002RU admin admin
TD-WDR4300 admin admin
TL-WR841N 7.2 admin admin
TL-WR841N V7 admin admin
TL-WR841ND V7 admin admin
RE210 admin admin
Archer C7 admin admin
TL-WDR4300 admin admin
TL-WR1043ND root admin
TL-WR841ND admin admin
TL-WR941ND admin admin
TL-WR1042ND admin admin
TL-WR842N admin admin
TL-WR841HP admin admin
TL-WDR3600 admin admin
TL-WDR3500 admin admin
TL-WR840N admin admin
TL-WDR4310 admin admin
TL-MR3040 admin admin
TL-WR843ND admin admin
TL-WR841N admin admin
TL-ER604W admin admin
TL-WR845N admin admin
AD7200 admin admin
Archer C2 admin admin
Archer C9
Archer C1200 admin admin
Archer C1200
Archer C2600 admin admin
Archer C3200 admin admin
Archer C5 admin admin
Archer C58 admin admin
Archer C59 admin admin
Archer C59 admin
Archer C8 admin admin
Archer C8
Archer C9 admin admin
Archer C9 admin
Touch P5 admin admin
Archer D9 admin admin
TEG-240WS none admin
TEW-432BRP none none
TW100-BRF114 none none
TW100-S4W1CA admini admini
TEW-435BRM admin password
TEW-435BRM none none
TEW-611BRP admin
TEW-611BRP admin
TROY Wireless
WRT-383U admin
WRT-383U admin
DDW2600 user user
U10C022 user user
UMAX (MaxGate)
XDX-RN502J admin admin
Virgin Media
Super Hub admin ”randomly generated”
R208 admin
R208 admin
SL-R6801 admin admin
SL-R7206 admin
SL-R7205 admin admin
WS-WR511N1 admin admin
WT-RT8501 admin
4110 11111 x-admin
ZIDA Technologies
AirXpress AP11B
AirXpress AP11B
ZSR4154WS admin admin
5352 admin admin
5697 user password
5350 admin admin
all models admin admin
MF30 admin admin
MF60 admin admin
MF62 Administrator admin
WF831 admin admin
MF10 admin admin
PK5001Z admin ”randomly generated”
PK5001Z admin unknown


Nowadays smart TVs are everywhere in different sizes from large to medium. Most time people to watch the TV shows that are streamed in the laptop directly in the TV itself. Until now people are using the casting technique where one can cast the computer screen onto a TV using the miracast. But here in this post we will help you to cast your computer screen on to the TV without using the old miracast technique.

Steps to setup chromecast on Windows 10 :

It is very easy to setup chromecast on windows with few easy steps. Before that you need to have some things which are mentioned in the list below.

  • Google Chromecast device
  • System with Windows 10 OS installed
  • Google Chrome
  • A Smart TV with internet connection

If you have all these items ready then please go ahead with the below steps. These steps will help you to setup your chromecast device.

Setup chromecast on Windows 10

Steps :

  • In you home TV there will be an HDMI port, there you need to plug the HDMI end of the Google chromecast device that you have.
  • Change the source input of the TV to HDMI using the TV remote. Check the image for the sample menu.
  • Some Tv may have two HDMI ports like HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. So depending on what port you have plugged in the chrome cast you need to fix that HDMI port.
  • Make sure you are using the Chrome browser.
  • Now open the chrome browser and go to this link ->
  • Now click on Set up your chromecast.
  • After you accept the terms and conditions the webpage will check for the connected chromecast device. If Chrome doesn’t detect the device then please make sure that you have turned the Wi-Fi on or connected to the right network.
    Once the device gets detected in the next screen click on the “Set Me Up”
  • The chromecast device that is connected will show a network available in the Wi-Fi network. Open the available connections and click on it to get connected to that network.
  • Once you get connected to the network it will show like in the below image. Click on next to get connected to that network.
  • Now a confirmation code will be shown on both screens ( Tv and windows computer ) Make sure both are same.
    Here in this screen you have to name your chrome device.
  • Now you need to connect your chromecast to your Wi-Fi inorder to help chromecast to stream the contents from the windows system.
  • After all the above steps now the screen will display “Ready to cast”
  • Click on “Ready to cast” to start streaming the contents from windows to TV

Also if you need to play movies from your windows system to your TV then there is a simple way to do this. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • Open the chrome browser in your computer.
  • Now play the movie in your favorite movie streaming website. For example: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc.
  • You can see a cast icon on the top of the chrome browser. Now click on it.
  • Now you can see the movie cast over the Tv.

Hope you got the idea how this works. If you got any doubts regarding this then please make sure to ask the doubts in the comment section below. You will get replied within 6 hours from the time you post.

Out of many IP address that are prevailing in the router setup, this IP has a special place and it is used in many of the routers as their default IP gateway. This IP address is a 16-bit one and it is most commonly used in many routers. To know more about the IP address follow the lead here. Also when talking about the ip address that is used in the routers we can narrow it to two such as public IP address and another one is private IP address. Router Login

The two kinds of IP addresses,

  1. Public IP address
  2. Private IP address

Public IP address:

Public IP address is crucial for any kind of devices that are connected to the internet. For each and every device that are connected to the internet will be allocated some new fresh address that can be used to connect to the device from anywhere in the world. These addresses are called the public IP address. The main characteristic of the public IP address is that one device can always have only one public IP address to connect to the internet. Also no two device can be allocated the same public IP address since it may cause conflicts in the IP address.

Also the public IP address can be used to uniquely identify each device. Most importantly no two devices in the world can share the same IP address.

Private IP address:

Private IP address are the simple to use memorize and simple to use IP address that ranges from to

These ip address can be used only to identify the devices that are connected within the organisation itself. If two devices are connected inside an organisation then they will be allocated with a private IP address so that you can easily connect them with ease. These IP addresses are maintained by a private institution.

Here the IP address is one such IP address that is used in routers of the companies such as Siemens, Belkin, SMC and Edimax. These companies use this IP address as their default IP gateway address. Using this IP address you can easily log in to the routers settings page.

Few steps to login to the router using

i) Make sure to type the address in the address bar and not in the Google.
ii) You can also click the link in the above step to login to the router settings page. If Google results starts showing up then you might have mistyped it in the Google page.
iii) Once the router settings page open, it will prompt for the username and password. You should have a username and password for the router to log in to their settings page.
iv) This settings page is where you can change the wireless passwords of the router. You can also check the number of devices that are connected to the router.
v) Make sure to change your default username and password once you got logged into the router.

Where can we get the IP address of the router?

Every router has a unique IP address and it can be found through the printings on the back of the router. The default IP address is printed in the router panel itself. In this case I hope you have found your IP address as

Ways to change the private IP address of the router:

We can easily change the IP address of the router since it is a private IP address and we get to decide what should be the IP address. Here in this case the IP address is and you can change it to the IP address ranging from something like to

Steps to change the LAN IP Address:

  • First of all you need to login to the router.
  • From the dashboard page, go to the advanced settings.
  • Now go to Network Configuration.
  • There you will find an option to enter the value in the LAN IP address box.
  • Restart the router now.

After the restart the LAN address of the router will be changed and if you need to login to the router you need to use the ip address that you have changed now. Hope you got the required details. If you find something we left then make sure to leave them in the comments below. We’ll add them in the post.

A short intro about Roku:

Just like Firestick or Chromecast, Roku is an online digital media player device that can stream thousands of movies, TV shows and programs. It is available as a hardware device which is very small and quite portable and can be used with all compatible devices. It can be used to stream contents at free of cost. All you need is a compatible device and the internet connection to stream the shows. This device has so much awesome options which you can use it at the fullest to enjoy as much as you want. But even the powerful device comes with the limitation.

JailBreak Roku Device
JailBreak Roku Device in simple steps

Every device has a limitation on them with the help of the OS installed. This restriction helps the users to manage the device properly and not exceed the capacity of the device. But few users like you are not the normal users. They need to explore the device to the fullest. They need to push the capacity of the device to the fullest. The only way to do that is to jailbreak the device. It means bypassing the restrictions of the device manufacturers.

Here we gonna explain you how to jailbreak roku device. Read further for more detailed explanation.

Jailbreaking – What is it?

In simple terms, Jailbreaking means to bypass the restrictions of the device manufacturer and use the device to the fullest. Jailbreaking helps the user to bend the device as much as he like. Also some manufacturers don’t allow any kind of third-party apps to be installed to your device, but by jailbreaking you can easily install any kind of third party apps to your device with ease. In android it is known as routing and in iOS and firestick it is commonly known as jailbreaking.

How to jailbreak Roku? Is it possible?

First of all, jailbreaking requires some OS like android or iOS. Here the Roku device has the standalone Roku OS . This Roku OS itself is already pushed to use the maximum capacity of the device and jailbreaking it won’t give you some extra device space to work for. It will still be the same. Even without jailbreaking the Roku device we can increase the performance of the device by using it with Kodi.

Kodi on Roku:

It is very less useful if you try to jailbreak the Roku OS. Even after jailbreaking the Roku OS you will still not be able to access any kind of third party apps with it. The only way to access the third party apps with Roku is to pair it with Kodi. But the app is also not supported with Firestick and Android devices.

Roku OS is highly non-customisable and can’t be installed with any of the third party add-ons that are non official or third party add-ons. So the only way you can use kodi to install other apps is by screen mirroring , therefore you need some device to do this screen mirroring.

Install Kodi on ku devices:

There are two different ways you can do the screen mirroring. You can choose the best way to do the screen mirroring to cast the kodi on Roku. In roku you need to find the roku category. 

They may be either,

  • Roku Ultra,
  • Roku Premier / Premier +,
  • Roku Streaming Stick,
  • Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4

Roku TV

#1 Method One : 

Android Screen mirroring:

As we have already seen Roku can’t be jailbroken and so there must some other device that could help mirroring this kodi to Roku.

  1. First of all you need to enable screen mirroring in Roku
  2. Go to home button and to main menu
  3. Click settings -> System
  4. Select the screen mirroring option. Now click Allow / Prompt / Always Allow
  5. Also don’t forget to connect the Android and Roku device in the same network.

If you are ready to do this with the Kodi android app then please follow the below method.

  1. Follow this link to download the kodi app.
  2. Make sure to grant access to the kodi app to manage all the media files in the mobile.
  3. After installing the app, go to settings and tap on device and choose display.
  4. After choosing display scroll down and click cast to see compatible roku devices. Now you have mirrored your screen.
  5. After the above step open kodi on android device to stream a TV show.

#2 Method Two : 

Windows Screen Mirroring:

In this method we will be using Windows PC to cast the contents to the Roku device. For that you need to install the kodi app to the Windows pc. Follow the below steps to install kodi on windows.

  1. Go to link to download the latest kodi for desktop.
  2. Now download the kodi and install the kodi for windows.
  3. After installing the kodi, go to control center in your PC.
  4. Choose project in the given list.
  5. There select Add a wireless display / PC screen only option.
  6. Tap on start mirroring your screen option to stream Kodi on roku,

Final words:

This Roku OS doesn’t support any kind of jailbreaking so you need to take advantage of the kodi app to cast the contents on the roku device. The above two methods are from android and windows OS. With these devices the screening can be done effectively.

Like Netflix, Amazon prime video is also one of the best movie streaming websites which is very famous all over the world. This one is also a paid streaming website. This amazon prime video service has a large list of films, Tv shows and Dramas in all kinds of genres and also has many more things that are worth watching. Previously this add-on is restricted in few countries and not allowed to use it. For example Germany, USA, UK countries are blocked from downloading and using the add-on. But now the ban is lifted and the users from those countries can also download the add-on and use it. Here in this post we explain you to install the Amazon Prime Video on Kodi easily.

Note: This Amazon Prime Video add-on is not available in the official repository. So you need to install it from the 3rd party repository XLordKX. You can also download it from any other repository but take risk on your own.

Steps to install Amazon Prime Video in Kodi:

  1. First of all you need to have the repository file to start installing the prime video add-on.
  2. Now open the Kodi and go to Addons page.
  3. Click Installer icon on the top left side of the screen.
  4. Now choose “Install from Zip file” and upload the downloaded file.
  5. Wait till you get the “Addon Enabled” notification
  6. Now go to “Install from Repository”
  7. Here you will see the add-on which we have uploaded “XLordKX Repository”
  8. Open it and you will see a folder “Video addons”
  9. There you will get the “Amazon Prime Instant Video”
  10. Click to install the amazon prime video add-on.
  11. Now open the prime video from homepage by Addons -> Video Addons -> Amazon Prime Video
  12. Now on the login page enter your credentials and enjoy the movie.

If you face any kind of problems during the installation of the add-on please let us know about it in the below comment section. Also if you don’t have the prime subscription and need to know about the alternatives for it then please read below.

Best alternatives for Amazon Prime Video Addon:

  1. Netflix
  2. Popcornflix
  3. Youtube

Netflix :

Netflix need no introduction. It is one of the best streaming websites out there. There are thousands of movies, Television shows and programs available on the netflix. If you would like to install netflix on kodi then you can read the complete details here in our post -> Install netflix on kodi

Youtube :

Youtube is the number one video streaming service that is available to all for free viewing. Also the YouTube has some premium video section where you can watch many of the movies for a minimal fee. It’s obvious that you need to install the YouTube in your kodi device. The good thing here is the fact that Youtube add-on for kodi is an official one and is available in the repository for free installation. So you can download it from there.

Popcornflix :

Unlike the above said streaming add-ons this add-on will help you to stream movies and shows without any cost for free. If you can find your favorite movie in this add-on then you are in luck. Grab popcorn and enjoy your movie.


In this post we have explained the way to install the Amazon prime video add-on to your kodi device. If you have any queries for us please leave them in the comments below.

Hello friends. Here you have come to know about the alternatives of CYRO.SE website. Here we have listed a lot of alternative sites that might serve as a best alternative for the website. Ead further to know more about this and it’s alternative sites to your favorite TV shows and movies for free. [ Not recommended but still useful for some research purposes ] is one of the most wanted movie streaming websites that was very popular among the users to stream their movies and favourite TV shows. They used it to watch or stream movies in devices of their convenience. But right now you might be wondering why is the site not opening on my end? Is it my internet connection or what? Will it open if I use VPN ? The answer to all is that it is not your fault. The site is taken down and not is operational. Sorry for that. There is no use in waiting for that.

So here we got some of the alternative sites that might serve you well as like the website. So please have a look below.

Best Working Alternatives :

  • MegaBoxHD App – Mobile Friendly
  • G2G Movies
  • HD Popcorn
  • PureFlix
  • FMovies
  • Movies Couch

MegaBoxHD App – Mobile Friendly

This app is a very mobile phone friendly app and is very easy to stream content on a mobile phone using this app. If you are using a mobile device and you need to stream content properly on a mobile device without much hassle then the best app is this. Use MegaBoxHD App to stream in a mobile. Also the best part is that you don’t need to login to the site inorder to use. You can view it as guest.

The contents streamed are in HD quality and has a very huge database of movies and TV shows. You can watch them straight away without even logging in. Best isn’t it? This app has a best UI that is pretty good. Yes it’s ad-free. So no worries about ads.

G2G Movies

If you are very fond of watching your TV shows and movies in HD then you need to watch in this G2G movies site. Too many users are watching movies in this site and are totally in love with this. Just like the website this site is also free to watch and is user friendly.

This site has a huge list of movies, documentaries, series and TV shows. The only thing is that you need to login to the site to watch your free movies. The login security is for obvious reasons. The latest movies are also quickly updated within days. So bookmark the site and watch it at your convenience.

HD Popcorn

This HD Popcorn site just looks exactly like the site with is best at streaming links at good quality. Just like this site also has a list of large libraries and many updated TV shows, documentaries and movies in all languages. Even if you check other alternative websites everyone definitely gonna suggest you this website. It has some good quality UI and best loading time.

The formats available in the sites are 480p, 720p and 1080p. You can sort the genre in which you like to watch. They will sort you the list of movies in that genre.


If you tried of all the pirated movie streaming sites and don’t want to support any pirated movie streaming websites then here you go. PureFlix is one of the legal streaming platforms where you can stream your favourite movies legally. But since this site is legal you need to subscribe to their plans to watch or stream movies from their site.

Don’t worry, they give you a free trial for a limited amount of time so you can go through their library and find all types of movies they offer to watch. If you feel that they are worth to pay and watch don’t forgot to subs


FMovies is just another alternative that enables users to stream movies at ease. If you are looking for a best alternative of website then this site should definitely be considered. This site completely has everything that a movie site should have. It has many shows shows from hollywood and other language shows from all parts of the world.

Reviews and insights about all the movies are available in FMovies site. Like all other alternatives this site also has a huge movies database.

Movies Couch

This is one of the new streaming sites that are in town. It has new design and awesome UI. The main specialty of this site is that it has large number of bollywood movies rather than the hollywood movies. It also has hollywood movies but bollywood library is bigger. So if you decide to watch some Bollywood movies then this should be the site you need to choose.

In my view this is a very good alternative for website for indian movie lovers.


Here we have discussed the most suitable alternative for the website. Also if you find any best alternative for website then please do let us know about it in the comments below.

Twitter is an awesome platform that is widely used by many people worldwide. There are many social media available on the internet and Twitter is one of it’s kind. Next to Facebook, Twitter is the most used social media of all time. Previously in Twitter, there was no option to upload images, short videos or gifs. Only you can type and post text. But as time passes and new updates emerge and in the next versions Twitter enabled users the option to upload short videos, images and gif files.

Once it got the option to upload images & videos users got very excited and started uploading lots and lots of files to Twitter. Some videos are so funny that the people can’t stop retweeting it. There is an option on Twitter to save the tweet that you like so much. It may consist of text, gifs or videos. But you can download those videos if you like to. Only you can save them in the Twitter and can view it any time in Twitter alone. If the person who uploaded the short video decides to take down the content then it’s gone forever. You lose it.

This is why most people like to download those short videos that they see in the twitter. They need to download them and store in their hard-disk or other storage device so that they can view them whenever they want. But Twitter doesn’t directly allow any one to download the content they share on Twitter so we need some third party tool so that we can download them with ease. Here’s where the GetMyTweet tool comes into play.

How to use tool to download twitter videos ?

  1. Open the twitter site. 
  2. Go to the tweet with video which you like to download. Now copy the tweet link. Sample link :
  3. After copying the link go to site. On opening the site paste the link in the given text box and hit download.
  4. Now you will be taken to another page where you can download the video in many different formats. Either in high quality or normal quality.
  5. On clicking the download button the link will open into a new window, where the video will start to run.
  6. On the right side down of the video there will be a three dots. Click on it and save video.
  7. Or you can just right click on the download button and Click “Save as”
  8. Enjoy your video.

The below are the most frequently asked questions:

What will be the extension of the downloaded video file?

The video file will be downloaded in the .mp4 format

Where will be my video saved after downloading?

The video will be saved in the downloads folder and also it depends on the browser that you are using. If you are using chrome then click Ctrl+J to open the downloads folder. If you are using Firefox then Ctrl+J to open downloads folder. 

My video is playing in the new tab and not downloading?

Just right click on the video and click save as. And save it. The video file is now  downloaded and you can see it in the downloads folder.

Do they store the data / the video we download?

No. No. No. Absolutely no. GetMyTweet respects your privacy at the maximum and they don’t even store the url’s for any kind of analysis works.

Do my PC get infected with virus if I download video from Twitter?

No way. GetMyTweet provides you an access to Twitter’s CDN server to help you download the video. They don’t provide you any kind of video. So it’s very safe to download. Don’t hesitate to use it.

If you have any doubts regarding the ways to download the Twitter videos then please don’t hesitate to ask it in the comments section. We are very active on the site and we are ready to solve any kind of problems that you face. So please do comment and share this post with your buddies too.

Netflix – This is the best legal movie streaming site worldwide. IT streams a lot of movies, web series, Tv shows and also many old movies you missed are available in the Netflix. Also Netflix is a multi-platform compatible app and it is also supported by Kodi. You can use Netflix XBMC to stream movies from Netflix. Here in this article we are going to show you how to install Netflix in your Kodi device. You have to install Netflix kodi addon to stream contents from Kodi.

Note: Netflix kodi add on is not officially available in repository. Here we will suggest other alternative methods to install Netflix on Kodi.

How to install Netflix addon on Kodi?

Since the netflix official add-on is not available in the repository we need to install netflix add-on by the way that is mentioned below. 

  1. Open your Kodi app and Go to Netflix by Addons -> Video Addons -> Netflix and open it. You will get a screen as below.
  2. Now create an account for netflix or use your already registered account and log in to netflix.
  3. After logging into the Netflix you can enjoy streaming all the movies and favourite shows as you like. 
  4. There are a lot of modded Netflix add-ons available in the market. Here at DewyLeaf we recommend you not to install those since they may harm your device and data. Always use the legit ones.

If any doubts on installing the add-on please leave a comment below. If you are not a paid customer and want to try something else that is similar to netflix then please read the suggestions below. 

Best alternative to Netflix on Kodi :

  • BBC iPlayer
  • YouTube Addon
  • PlayOn Browser Addon

BBC iPlayer Addon:

This add-on is customly developed for the people of UK / England. This BBC iPlayer streams all kinds of programs, movies and TV shows that are permitted to be streamed only inside the UK. If you are in need to watch those shows then you need to use a VPN to access those shows. If you don’t know what is VPN and how to use them properly then please read this post about VPNs and Uses.

YouTube Addon for Kodi:

I hope you guys don’t require any kind of introduction to YouTube. This is one of the best online video streaming site and It’s currently on the #1 spot. This site has unlimited videos, Tv shows etc. If you want to stream YouTube movies on Kodi then you can directly install the Youtube add-on from kodi.

Kodi repository has the official YouTube add-on and you can install it directly from the repository.

PlayOn Browser

If you want to stream from multiple sites such as Netflix, PrimeVideo, hulu and HBO, you can do it with one add-on known as Playon Browser add-on.  Since this is an official add-on you need to have a proper account on all the sites that you need to stream. This is an official add-on and you can directly download it from the kodi repository.

Conclusion :

Netflix is a fast growing streaming website which has thousands of movies and TV shows databases and also they are including many new shows on a daily basis. Today or some day you will be in a need to install the netflix on your kodi device. So learn the steps here. For more tips like this post please refer the below links.

If you have any comments or doubts or error during the installation of the add-on please don’t hesitate to ask it in the comments below.