How to install Amazon Prime Video add-on on Kodi

Like Netflix, Amazon prime video is also one of the best movie streaming websites which is very famous all over the world. This one is also a paid streaming website. This amazon prime video service has a large list of films, Tv shows and Dramas in all kinds of genres and also has many more things that are worth watching. Previously this add-on is restricted in few countries and not allowed to use it. For example Germany, USA, UK countries are blocked from downloading and using the add-on. But now the ban is lifted and the users from those countries can also download the add-on and use it. Here in this post we explain you to install the Amazon Prime Video on Kodi easily.

Note: This Amazon Prime Video add-on is not available in the official repository. So you need to install it from the 3rd party repository XLordKX. You can also download it from any other repository but take risk on your own.

Steps to install Amazon Prime Video in Kodi:

  1. First of all you need to have the repository file to start installing the prime video add-on.
  2. Now open the Kodi and go to Addons page.
  3. Click Installer icon on the top left side of the screen.
  4. Now choose “Install from Zip file” and upload the downloaded file.
  5. Wait till you get the “Addon Enabled” notification
  6. Now go to “Install from Repository”
  7. Here you will see the add-on which we have uploaded “XLordKX Repository”
  8. Open it and you will see a folder “Video addons”
  9. There you will get the “Amazon Prime Instant Video”
  10. Click to install the amazon prime video add-on.
  11. Now open the prime video from homepage by Addons -> Video Addons -> Amazon Prime Video
  12. Now on the login page enter your credentials and enjoy the movie.

If you face any kind of problems during the installation of the add-on please let us know about it in the below comment section. Also if you don’t have the prime subscription and need to know about the alternatives for it then please read below.

Best alternatives for Amazon Prime Video Addon:

  1. Netflix
  2. Popcornflix
  3. Youtube

Netflix :

Netflix need no introduction. It is one of the best streaming websites out there. There are thousands of movies, Television shows and programs available on the netflix. If you would like to install netflix on kodi then you can read the complete details here in our post -> Install netflix on kodi

Youtube :

Youtube is the number one video streaming service that is available to all for free viewing. Also the YouTube has some premium video section where you can watch many of the movies for a minimal fee. It’s obvious that you need to install the YouTube in your kodi device. The good thing here is the fact that Youtube add-on for kodi is an official one and is available in the repository for free installation. So you can download it from there.

Popcornflix :

Unlike the above said streaming add-ons this add-on will help you to stream movies and shows without any cost for free. If you can find your favorite movie in this add-on then you are in luck. Grab popcorn and enjoy your movie.


In this post we have explained the way to install the Amazon prime video add-on to your kodi device. If you have any queries for us please leave them in the comments below.

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