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Out of many IP address that are prevailing in the router setup, this IP has a special place and it is used in many of the routers as their default IP gateway. This IP address is a 16-bit one and it is most commonly used in many routers. To know more about the IP address follow the lead here. Also when talking about the ip address that is used in the routers we can narrow it to two such as public IP address and another one is private IP address. Router Login

The two kinds of IP addresses,

  1. Public IP address
  2. Private IP address

Public IP address:

Public IP address is crucial for any kind of devices that are connected to the internet. For each and every device that are connected to the internet will be allocated some new fresh address that can be used to connect to the device from anywhere in the world. These addresses are called the public IP address. The main characteristic of the public IP address is that one device can always have only one public IP address to connect to the internet. Also no two device can be allocated the same public IP address since it may cause conflicts in the IP address.

Also the public IP address can be used to uniquely identify each device. Most importantly no two devices in the world can share the same IP address.

Private IP address:

Private IP address are the simple to use memorize and simple to use IP address that ranges from to

These ip address can be used only to identify the devices that are connected within the organisation itself. If two devices are connected inside an organisation then they will be allocated with a private IP address so that you can easily connect them with ease. These IP addresses are maintained by a private institution.

Here the IP address is one such IP address that is used in routers of the companies such as Siemens, Belkin, SMC and Edimax. These companies use this IP address as their default IP gateway address. Using this IP address you can easily log in to the routers settings page.

Few steps to login to the router using

i) Make sure to type the address in the address bar and not in the Google.
ii) You can also click the link in the above step to login to the router settings page. If Google results starts showing up then you might have mistyped it in the Google page.
iii) Once the router settings page open, it will prompt for the username and password. You should have a username and password for the router to log in to their settings page.
iv) This settings page is where you can change the wireless passwords of the router. You can also check the number of devices that are connected to the router.
v) Make sure to change your default username and password once you got logged into the router.

Where can we get the IP address of the router?

Every router has a unique IP address and it can be found through the printings on the back of the router. The default IP address is printed in the router panel itself. In this case I hope you have found your IP address as

Ways to change the private IP address of the router:

We can easily change the IP address of the router since it is a private IP address and we get to decide what should be the IP address. Here in this case the IP address is and you can change it to the IP address ranging from something like to

Steps to change the LAN IP Address:

  • First of all you need to login to the router.
  • From the dashboard page, go to the advanced settings.
  • Now go to Network Configuration.
  • There you will find an option to enter the value in the LAN IP address box.
  • Restart the router now.

After the restart the LAN address of the router will be changed and if you need to login to the router you need to use the ip address that you have changed now. Hope you got the required details. If you find something we left then make sure to leave them in the comments below. We’ll add them in the post.

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Summary of the post

This post completely explains the details about the router IP address IP. It also shares the details about the IP address and their usage as default gateway address in many router models.

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