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Hello DewyLeaf Reader, This post is specially for the friends those are trying to login to their router using the IP address There are many routers available in the market that have their default login gateway as For example TP-Link, D-Link and NetGear all these routers use the IP address as the default gateway address. is one among the most used intranet IPv4 address. This IP address can’t be used as a public domain but can be used to access the internally connected devices. There are certain IPv4 addresses that are reserved for the private usage. They are ranging from to These addresses are to be used to login to the local device and not to the devices that are connected in the public domain.

You might have heard that every device has a unique IP and how is that IP address can be the same for all router devices? Because the 16 bit IP address are allocated for the usage of internal networking which may help to reduce the speed of usage of more IPv4 addresses by the devices all over the world. For internal usage of the devices these IP address ranging from – 255.255 is allocated.

So how to login ?

You are here to login to your router which has the default gateway as Most of the time the router that has IP address must be linksys router. So here are telling you the ways to login to your router.

If you don’t know how to access the router properly from the browser then kindly take a look at the post -> How to access setting page of the router?

IPv4 Address:

Each and every network that uses the TCP / IP protocol must have their own unique network number. Also each of the device or the machine that are connected to that network must have their own IP address. It is a must to register your IP address and obtain the IP address. This IPv4 address is a unique 32-bit number. Sample IPv4 address: 

Since the devices that are connected to the internet are getting increased day by day the number of IPv4 addresses available are not enough for the usage. So they have formed a new set of IP address for the usage. Check out about IPv6 addresses.

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